Contact Information



Ship to:
P.O. Box 1338
Whitney, TX 76692-1338

Phone: (254) 694-4475
FAX: (254) 694-4476

Contact Anytime:
Gary Martin

Refurbishment Information

Typical Steps:
  • RFQ (Request For Quotation) sent to or call at (214) 738-9500
  • Quote is then Returned as requested
  • Send Purchase Order to or faxed to (254) 694-4476
  • Return decontaminated pump to our Plano facilities with Quote number as RMA Number posted clearly on package
  • Pump Refurbished (4-8weeks and shortening)
  • Pump Shipped as Indicated on PO / *Funds transferred
  • Invoice sent as indicated on PO
  • Check received / Funds transferred