Gary Martin

LLC Manager, Dispense Applications, LLC ()

Gary has 20 years (In June 2008) in the semiconductor industry, 18.5 directly in Lithography. His career in the industry began with GCA DSW (stepper) div., then to KLA in patterned defect detection. He joined FSI with the Application Engineering team in July of 1996 were he was assigned to Fujitsu Kawasaki from Aug 1996 to Oct 1997. His focus with the Application Engineering team remained on the Asian markets until accepting a position as World Wide installation manager in Nov 1999. Continuing on at FSI he joined the Engineering Department in the summer of 2001 where he took a team to UMC, Taiwan under the role of the Strategic Program Manager for UMC. In September of 2004 Gary accepted a position with FSI as the Strategic Program Manager for Samsung Keihung South Korea. In June of 2005 Gary joined Mykrolis working with the Dispense Systems team. In March of 2006 Gary went on his own providing consulting .... Then in May of 2006 he formed Dispense Applications, LLC.